Sweep Accounts

Automate transfers to make your money work harder for you and your business

Schedule automatic transfers from business checking to an interest-bearing account

Create Optional Efficiencies
Make the most of your money and create a new revenue stream that can make a positive impact on your business's profit margin.
More control and flexibility
Your business chooses the minimum balance to be kept in your operating account.
No extra effort
Carter Bank will monitor your operating balance and transfer excess funds to a sweep account when appropriate.

Cash flow management keeps your money busy every moment of the day

Carter Bank commercial checking accounts offer a wealth of money management solutions. But there's a way to further enhance their value - by linking commercial checking accounts to Carter Bank Accounts. We'll also automatically move funds back into your operating account when necessary.  


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Finance your next move

Secure the funds you need to support business initiatives.

Carter Bank is a full-service financial institution with locations throughout Virginia and North Carolina.