Financial Safety and Soundness

FDIC Insurance

At Carter Bank, depositors enjoy the security of FDIC insurance up to $250,000. For those interested in safeguarding deposits beyond this limit, additional services through IntraFi® is available, allowing customers to expand their FDIC coverage to millions, ensuring both large and small deposits are fully protected. To accurately calculate coverage based on specific account details, feel free to use the Electronic Deposit Insurance Estimator (EDIE).

Capital and Liquidity

Carter Bank is well-capitalized, ensuring a solid defense against economic fluctuations by setting aside substantial capital funds and loan loss reserves. Our strong financial foundation, characterized by high capital levels and a robust liquidity profile, is bolstered by large borrowing facilities and a versatile investment portfolio. This positions us to effectively navigate all business cycles, safeguarding both customers' and the bank's assets. We are committed to safety and soundness, and pursuit of performance excellence, ready to face any challenge and seize every opportunity.

To learn more or discuss your accounts, please visit your nearest branch or contact our Customer Contact Center at 833.275.2228.