Safe Deposit Boxes

Keep your valuables in a secure place

Our affordable safe deposit boxes come in a variety of sizes to secure your possessions

Safer than home
Safe deposit boxes protect items from theft, fire and water damage.
The price is right
Annual rental rates vary depending on the size of the box.
You get a key
We make it easy to access your belongings anytime during normal business hours.

It's one less thing for you to worry about

For a few dollars a month, you can buy some priceless peace of mind. A Carter Bank safe deposit box is the ideal spot to secure irreplaceable documents, jewelry, family photos and heirlooms, and more. Our boxes come in a variety of sizes, providing you with ample storage space for your prized possessions.

What to Store in a Safe Deposit Box

  • Important documents (birth certificates, marriage licenses, school diplomas, car titles, etc.)
  • Stock and bond certificates
  • Jewelry
  • Family photos
  • Rare collectibles
  • Flash drives with important information
  • Family keepsakes

What Not to Store in a Safe Deposit Box

  • The only copy of a document. Make sure that you have another copy on hand.
  • Original wills
  • Passports
  • Cash
  • Explosives or hazardous items
  • Liquids
  • Anything illegal
Effective Date: July 23, 2024
Box Size Yearly Rental Fee
2 X 5$20.00
3 X 5$25.00
5 X 5$40.00
3 X 10$45.00
5 X 10$65.00
10 X 10$85.00
10 X 15$95.00
** Sizes may vary by location **

Safe Deposit Box contents are not insured against loss by Carter Bank & Trust or the FDIC.


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