Monitor your debit card to manage your money and fight fraud

Set up customized alerts to receive notifications about activity 

Leverage the power of Carter Bank Online Banking
Use our mobile app to stay on top of all your card activity.
Control your debit card's features
Turn your card on and off, set transaction limits, and so much more.
Stay in the know anywhere
Set account alerts and view balances on desktop or mobile.

You're in control of your Carter Bank debit card

Knowing where, when and how your debit card is used gives you peace of mind going through your day. With Banking Alerts, you can receive alerts based on how you want to be notified. You can keep track of all debit card activity and set usage limits, which is helpful in preventing fraud.

  • Turn your card on and off with a single touch for in-store, online and ATM transactions
  • Set transaction limits by location, merchant type, transaction type and amount
  • Set Card Alerts* to know when and where your card is used
  • View a complete list of your recent card transactions and details
  • Pinpoint the location of in-person transactions with merchant details such as phone number, email, website and store hours
  • Activate a new card with a few simple clicks
  • Add cards to manage and view details
  • Let us know about your travel plans so your card transactions aren't declined 
  • Add your card to your digital wallet for quicker payments in-store and online 
  • View a breakdown of your spending by category, monthly trends and location 
  • Find out which merchants have been selected to store your debit card information, such as online merchants you use frequently
  • Report lost or stolen card immediately
  • Manage your PIN anytime 


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Debit Card Management is an online and mobile banking tool that gives you complete control and visibility over your Debit Card. With this service, you can easily turn your card access on and off, set up custom alerts, view recent transactions, manage your card usage, and do much more. 

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  • Make transfers on your time
  • Make mobile check deposits
  • Monitor your credit score
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Earn higher interest than most traditional savings accounts.

*Alerts received as text messages on mobile devices may incur charges from your mobile device service provider.

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