Goal and Savings Calculators

See how to put your savings goals within reach 

These calculators help you plan for financial success

Savings Calculator

Input all the information about your current savings accounts to project their growth.

Savings Goal Calculator

Estimate how long it will take to reach your goal based on your dividends, deposits and much more.

Compare Savings Rates Calculator

Figure out how different rates impact your savings over time.

Savings, Taxes, and Inflation Calculator

As your savings grow, you can see how taxes and inflation impact the value once you withdraw money.

Health Savings Account Calculator

See how an HSA can build up your savings so you can address everyday expenses and medical emergencies.

CD Calculator

Based on the specifics of your Certificate of Deposit, you can see how much you'll earn at the end of its term.

College Savings Calculator

Create a college savings plan or fine-tune your approach using this calculator. You'll quickly see if your savings are on track.

CD Ladder Calculator

Measure the positive impact of spreading your investments across CDs with short, medium and long term maturities.