Business 500 Checking Account

Benefit from high-tech tools and low transaction costs

A versatile account helps your business keep pace in a fast-moving world

Greater expense control
Ideal for mid-sized businesses with 500 free monthly transactions
Anytime account access
Put Online and Mobile Banking to work for you 24 hours a day.
Move money effortlessly
Tools to reduce staff workload and cut costs-see below
Request multiple debit cards
Make fast, easy purchases online and in stores while monitoring spending patterns.

Growing quickly? Efficiency is a necessity.

If your business is processing dozens of payments on a daily basis, you can't afford high transaction costs or inefficient money management. Five-hundred Commercial Banking monthly transactions helps preserve your profit margin.

  • $100 minimum deposit required to open account
  • Balance fee of $25 waived if certain criteria is met
  • 500 free monthly transactions ($0.50 for each additional item)
  • No fee for up to $20,000 in monthly currency deposits ($0.75 fee per additional $1,000 deposited)
  • Free eStatements put important financial data at your fingertips
  • Instant issue business debit cards available at all Carter Bank branch locations


For contact information, including phone numbers, email addresses, and online inquiries, please visit our "Contact Us" page. You can also call us at (833.275.2228), or visit us at one of our locations. To find a location click here.

Our routing number is 051403957.  The routing number is also called an ABA number or routing transit number. You can find it in the lower left-hand corner of your checks. Financial institutions use routing numbers to send and receive money from other financial institutions. Routing numbers are essential in many transactions that Carter Bank provides such as wire transfers, check ordering and more. You can also locate our routing numbers in the footer and search functions of our website.

Each depositor is insured through the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) coverage up to $250,000.

Additional services are offered to extend the coverage of deposits beyond $250,000 based on account classification and ownership type.

You may order your checks online herevisit a local branch or contact us. Products that offer free checks must be ordered at a local branch or by contacting us in order for the checks to incur no charge to the customer. Online ordering will charge the customer for the checks.  

Better cash control

Partner with our treasury specialists for expert guidance.

Rate Sheet

Business Fee Schedule

*30 day grace period to get to minimum balance requirement
Minimum opening deposit is only $100. Bank rules and regulations apply. Other fees, such as, non-sufficient funds, overdraft, consecutive days overdraft fees, etc. may apply. 

The interest rate and annual percentage yield may change. At our discretion, we may change the interest rate daily. Fees may reduce earnings.

Carter Bank is a full-service financial institution with locations throughout Virginia and North Carolina.